These services involve administration and interpretation of standardized tests as measures to better understand the students or referrals. These also aim to help the students attain an enlightened view of themselves in terms of their intellectual level, attitudinal capacities, study attitudes as well as personality functioning. These are services that are also extended to special education schools. Other projects of the PTU personnel are the updating of norms, test construction, and the sale of SLU-developed test materials.


                                                                               INTELLIGENCE TESTS                     

SLU-Verbal Intelligence Test


A verbal intelligence test for third and fourth year high school students
SLU-Nonverbal Intelligence Test Scale 2


A nonverbal intelligence test that measures the ability to apply one’s knowledge in new situations. This test is applicable to for third and fourth year high school students.
SLU-General Intelligence Test


Measures learning ability and thinking power of first years as well as incoming first year high school students.
SLU-Nonverbal Intelligence Scale K


Measures the nonverbal intelligence of Kindergarten and incoming Kindergarten pupils
SLU-Nonverbal Intelligence Scale 1


Measures the nonverbal intelligence of Grade 1 and incoming Grade 1 pupils.
SLU-Nonverbal Intelligence Scale 2-3

(SLU-NIS 2-3)

Measures the nonverbal intelligence of Grades 2-3 and incoming Grades 2-3 pupils.
SLU-General Intelligence Scale 4


Measures the nonverbal intelligence of Grade 4 and incoming Grade 4 pupils.
SLU-General Intelligence Scale 5


Measures the nonverbal intelligence of Grade 5 and incoming Grade 5 pupils.
SLU-General Intelligence Scale 6


Measures the nonverbal intelligence of Grade 6 and incoming Grade 6 pupils.


  • SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY – COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION (SLU-CEE) – an admission requirement for incoming freshmen. The results will be the bases to evaluate whether freshmen applicant can qualify for admission in any of the courses offered in SLU.  The test covers three ares, namely, Numerical Proficiency, Reading Comprehension, and General Intelligence Test.  SLU also caters satellite tests administration in far away places (e.g. Lagawe, Bontoc,  Olongapo, Vigan)
  • QUALIFYING EXAMINATIONS FOR TRANSFEREES – an admission requirement for transfer applicants of the different undergraduate courses (except Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science) offered in the university.  The result of these aptitude tests will be the basis to evaluate whether or not the transfer applicant can qualify for admission in SLU.
  • GRADUATE PROGRAMS ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS (GPEE) – an admission requirement for applicants of the different Graduate Programs offered in the university.  The GPEE consists of two parts: The GPEE General, which all applicants are required to take regardless of the course they are applying for, and the GPEE – Area, which applies to the specific program.  The result of the SLU-GPEE will be the one of the bases to evaluate whether or not the Graduate Program applicant can qualify for admission in any of the Graduate Programs offered in SLU.
  • ENGLISH PROFICIENCY TEST-REVISED (EPT-R) – an additional admission requirement for incoming freshmen, transfer applicants and graduate program applicants from Non-English speaking countries. This test aims to measure the level of adeptness in the English language of foreign applicants.
  • PERSONALITY TESTING AND INTERPRETATION OF RESULTS FOR FRESHMEN STUDENTS.  Every academic year, PTU administers and interprets the results of two personality tests to freshmen students.  The Study Orientation Survey – Revised (SOS-R) gives information about an individual’s study habits and attitudes.  The Gandeza Scale of Frustration Toloerance (GSFT) Scale gives information about how an individual copes with his/her frustration.  This is to aid our freshmen students better adapt to college life.


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