The Project Daily Bread (PDB) was conceived as an output coming from the felt needs of Louisians who were interviewed for scholarship purposes or who were counseled.  The need for physical nourishment of these Louisians is also vital in their academic survival in college.  With limited nutrients in their physiological system, they are more prone to sickness, self-defeating behaviors and a divided attention between their empty stomachs and academic endeavors.  The Guidance Center believes that food outlets and employees in SLU, from the goodness of their hearts and their compassion, would be the answer to these Louisians when they say these words from the Lord’s Prayer….

“…and give us this day our daily bread…”

Saint Louis University has always committed herself to the total development of students entrusted in her care.  Included in the holistic development of a sound mind is a sound body.  The main objective of the Project Daily Bread is to provide one meal a day for Louisian students who are impoverished and unable to have a decent and nourishing meal.

We are still open for donations.  For interested donors, please visit the

  Guidance Center: 3rd Basement, Fr. Theophile Verbist Christian Formation Center, (074) 444-8246 to 48 Local No. 222 Main Campus or at

D-816, (074) 442-6321 Local No. 210 Maryheights Campus ; or email us at / or