The Peer Facilitation Program (PF Program) is seen as a useful tool in empowering the youth and maximizing their capacity to help their fellow youth journey smoothly towards this crucial stage of their development.  It involves screened, trained and supervised students to provide to all Louisian students (troubled or not) the support and opportunities they need to empower themselves.

General Responsibility of a Peer Facilitator:

  • To assist the Guidance Counselors in the implementation of the guidance services.

Specific Responsibilities of a Peer Facilitator:

  • To respond to the problems of his/her peers by conducting lecture-presentations;
  • To propose and implement projects that address the various needs of his/her peers;
  • To create strategies for the Louisian community to fully utilize the services offered by the Peer Facilitation Program;
  • To acquaint students with the availability of the Guidance Services;
  • To refer students in need of professional help to the Guidance Center; and,
  • To assist in the activities of the Guidance Center.