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These services provide necessary information about University rules and policies or any query about the Louisian way of life,  to guide students in making intelligent vocational or educational choices or in their personal and social adjustment.

  • ANTI-DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION CAMPAIGN – the Guidance Center celebrates Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Month every academic year by handing out bookmark-calendars to the members of the SLU Community.
  • FRESHIE CAREER BOOKLET – serves to help high school graduating students and college alike to come up with sound alternatives and informed choices with regard to their course in college, particularly in SLU.
  • FRESHMEN ORIENTATION PROGRAM (FOP) – is given to incoming freshmen and transferees at the start of the new academic year to welcome the new students to Saint Louis University. More importantly, the FOP is conducted to provide necessary information to guide the students particularly on the rules, policies, and regulations of the university, aid them in their adjustment to their new environment, as well as advise them on the different student services that they can avail of while on campus. The different Schools further conduct a separate orientation to their respective students to present and discuss matters pertinent to the school.The Guidance Center is a constant participant in this annual activity. We take this event as an opportunity to welcome our new students and make them feel at home in SLU. Here, students are informed of the various services we offer and are encouraged to make use of them. We also take this as an opportunity to enlighten students of what the Center is all about and break the misconceptions they may have regarding the guidance and counseling profession. During the orientation, we emphasize that the Staff are competent and reliable professionals who are trained in responding to the multi-faceted needs of students. Therefore, they should never hesitate to come to us should they have concerns or queries.
  • INFORMATION ON SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS AND FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE – this consists of the preparation of and/or posting of announcements regarding the availability of scholarships such as Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctorate Scholarships.  Hand-outs of the different Scholarship Programs are available at the Guidance Center for reference.  The Guidance Center manages about 20 scholarship programs; either Private or Government scholarship Programs.  Monitoring is extended as a service to all the Lousian scholars who are under their scholarship programs managed by the Guidance Center.
  • GABAY SERIES – is a self-enrichment program of the SLU Guidance Center that was conceived in the year 2000 by taking into consideration those students who are doing well academically but perhaps needing some supplementary information and learning about relevant topics and/or issues in order to avoid future failures. This special program implies that the Guidance Center has come up with group dynamics activities, lectures or workshops aimed at providing “gabay” or guidance to satisfactorily performing students in order to promote continued good academic standing in the university while properly dealing with other priorities. This program though is not limited to academically successful students inasmuch as the invitation is extended to all students, with or without academic failures.  Series is coined with the word Gabay to suggest sequence, succession or continuity of learning experiences outside classroom discussions.

The following are the specific objectives of the Gabay Series:

  1. To provide group dynamics activities, lectures or workshops to students who are coping well with the demands of their academic subjects in order to supplement their knowledge and learning and thereby avoid future failures;
  2. To render structured learning experiences designed to make the students’ stay in SLU more enjoyable, rewarding and meaningful; and,
  3. To make the students aware of special issues and/or topics geared towards answering their other needs not met by academic classroom exposure.
  • MINI – MANUAL OF GUIDANCE SERVICES – includes brief and simple descriptions of the various Guidance Services, how the services assist Louisians in their college life in the university as well as information on how they can avail them.  The Mini-Manual is designed to be handy so as to encourage students to read it and increase their awareness of these essential guidance services provided by the university.
  • LOUISIAN SURVIVAL JOURNAL – a booklet/journal given to all freshmen, it helps address issues observed to be common among the new generation of freshmen.  This includes information on coping with stress, dealing with failures, anti-drug information and campaign, anti-bullying and other essential guidelines for survival in college.
  1. Information on seminars, job vacancies, schedules of testing, and interviews.
  2. Admission procedures and other related information from the Office of the Student Affairs, and all other information available from partner institutions, agencies or organizations.