1st Semester S.Y. 2017-18

Saint Louis University is currently on the 1st Semester of the School Year 17-18.

1st Semester is from 2016-08-08 until 2016-12-30.

All students accounts are activated.


Date posted: 2014-07-17

GUIDANCE COMMUNITY SERVICES FOR SCHOOLS - consist of Placement, Information, Facilitation of Group Dynamics Activities, Counseling and Testing Services given to institutions and schools in Baguio and in neighboring towns (through the involvement of supervised Senior Psychology Students).

  • Information Service. This provides adequate and considerable information related to personal, psychosocial, educational and vocational areas. These information help students in the extension schools to make better choices and to engage in more mature, wise, and planned behavior.
  • Counseling Service. This provides mostly individual and group encounter of students aimed in self-understanding and in planning the future. This particular service also aims to improve relationships with others through enhancement and practice of communication and interpersonal skills. Career counseling services are very much encouraged among student counselors handling junior and senior high school students.
  • Testing Service.  This service aims to assist students to have an objective view of their cognitive functioning, which is assessed through a standardized instrument. This also helps the teachers and the school administration so they can better determine the strengths or weaknesses of their students to better understand.  Testing services were given to the schools served in both La Union and La Trinidad as well as to all pupils and students of the SLU Laboratory Schools. 
  • Placement Service. For graduating students in the extension schools, this service provides individual career guidance and information for them to make informed choices or decisions about their future course and profession.


  • Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention: Debriefing – Guidance Counselors respond to the immediate psychological needs of students, families, and special groups brought about by unfortunate traumatic events.
  • Testing
  • Reception and Study Center for Children (under DSWD)
  • Social Development Center (under City Social Services)
  • Summer Development Camp in partnership with Child and Youth Wellness  Center (CYWC)


  • SLU Lousian Child Care Center (SLU LCCC) – volunteers from the Senior Psychology Students rendered basic care-giving assistance. These are aimed at providing a wholesome program that responds to the various needs of the children who are in their different stages of development. Giving age-appropriate and stimulating activities contributes to the development of the children’s sensory motor, cognitive, social and emotional 
  • SLU Halfway Home for Boys