1st Semester S.Y. 2017-18

Saint Louis University is currently on the 1st Semester of the School Year 17-18.

1st Semester is from 2016-08-08 until 2016-12-30.

All students accounts are activated.


Date posted: 2014-07-17

Provide evaluation, monitoring and assistance to students regarding their career choice and academic performance.


Date posted: 2014-07-17

This requirement aims to monitor the students’ academic performance and attendance to ensure better academic outcome at the end of the semester. With the approved revised guidelines in referring students prior to their enrollment, effective Summer 2010, from among the Deans’ referrals, the students who are classified in the Individual Guidance Program (IGP) are those who incur 35% and above academic failures in the last semester attended.  They are required to personally submit their Prelim and Midterm grades for evaluation.


Date posted: 2014-07-17

It is a fact that there are some students who may not be performing in accordance with the academic standards of our University. Since most of these students have reached college, it is assumed that they have the ability to take on the basic requirements of being in college. Yet, one may wonder, WHY do they still fail?

Just as people are different, needs are also different. Some of these students have special needs which they cannot easily meet due to some hindrances or obstacles. These hindrances or obstacles may be external (e.g. financial constraints, family problems, relationships, etc.), internal (e.g. motivations habits, etc.) or may be a combination of both. The WORKSHOPS FOR PERSONAL GROWTH (WPG) is a FORM OF INTERVENTION, DESIGNED TO HELP STUDENTS IDENTIFY AND COPE EFFECTIVELY WITH THESE HINDRANCES.

WPG is a component of the guidance program wherein freshmen and sophomore students are helped to identify and cope with possible hindrances they are facing in their college life.  The workshops are recommended for students who have incurred 40% and above academic failures.  The WPG involves six (6) sessions with different activities. These activities aim to aid the students to be more aware of their resources, which can be outside or within themselves. Subsequently, these resources may be utilized in the realization of their needs, which will enable them to become better students, and consequently, better persons.

WPG is NOT A FORM OF PUNISHMENT for those students who were not able to perform academically well in the past academic year or semester. Rather, the program is an INTERVENTION, it is PREVENTIVE in the sense that it is implemented in order to prevent any future academic failures.


To help develop in the participants an increased awareness of their responsibilities as students by creating opportunities for learning experiences via the different activities.

By the end of the WPG Sessions, the participants should have achieved the following objectives:

  • Greater self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • Greater capacity for self-direction concerning their studies
  • Increased ability for planning and setting priorities as well as goals
  • Improved coping behavior for problem-solving involving their studies and other areas such as social, moral, personal, and emotional