1st Semester S.Y. 2018-19

Saint Louis University is currently on the 1st Semester of the School Year 18-19.

1st Semester is from 2018-08-06 until 2018-12-15.

All students accounts are activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sometimes feel bad about what's happening in your life? Do you find it difficult to adjust to your situation, feeling homesick, alone or lonely and, do you need someone to talk to?

As your Guidance Counselors, we are always glad to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your situation.  So come & avail of our COUNSELING SERVICE. The individual and/or group encounter with us will help you make informed choices and develop a guided plan of action. 


Being initially undecided, did you enroll in a course even if you did not have adequate information about it?

Through our CAREER COUNSELING SERVICE, you will know whether you are in the right career path or need to change course.  The decision to change course may be made final after you have talked to your Guidance Counselor.


Do you know yourself well enough? Do you want to know more about yourself?

The Psychometrians of the Guidance Center await you to avail of the different TESTING AND APPRAISAL SERVICES. The test results will be interpreted & explained to you by the  Guidance Counselors in order to help you better understand yourself.


Have you heard that the Guidance Center lends a helping hand to Diocesan Schools and other institutions within & outside Baguio in delivering Guidance Services to their students?

Through supervised Senior Psychology students, the Guidance Center provides GUIDANCE EXTENSION SERVICES such as Homeroom, Placement, Testing, & Counseling Services to Diocesan Schools, SLU Laboratory Schools (LES & LHS) & Louisian Child Care Center, where such services are not fully adequate. Volunteer services are also given to partner institutions.



Are you in distress due to a traumatic event? Do you need help in coping with a crisis?

Through CRISIS INTERVENTION, the Guidance Counselors respond to the immediate psychosocial needs of students, families, & special groups brought about by unfortunate traumatic events.


Does your college or co- or extra-curricular organization need a resource speaker?

You may consider inviting one or two of the Guidance Counselors as your RESOURCE SPEAKER(S). We do give talks on selected topics on human behavior such as personality enhancement, leadership, coping with stress, teambuilding, study habits, conflict management, & career guidance.


Do you sometimes experience a delay in the arrival of your allowance to pay your tuition fees? Are you among those who are academically good but financially challenged?

Don't let the opportunity pass you by. Apply during specified application periods for the availability of scholarship slots in the PRIVATE SCHOLARSHIP OR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS coordinated by the Guidance Center. Check the bulletin boards so you would not miss the announcements on regular Scholarship Programs. An Emergency Loan specifically for tuition needs is also available. If you happen to know someone who does not have the means to pay for his/her lunch and is suffering from involuntary hunger you may also refer him/her as a Project Daily Bread (PDB) Beneficiary.


Are you experiencing academic difficulty? Have you incurred failures in your subjects? Do you wish to change course?

Let's talk about the factors affecting academic performance in our EDUCATIONAL AND FOLLOW-UP SERVICES.  If you are a first or second year student with a substantial percentage of failed subjects, we recommend our Workshops for Personal Growth (WPG) which aims at helping you become a more responsible student.  If you still incur failed subjects after completion of the WPG, you probably need to go through Individual Guidance (IG) where the Guidance Counselors monitor your academic performance and provide information and needed counseling and consultation in order to help you obtain better grades.